Visions of a Nomad

Visions of a Nomad plays Jazz World Music and Classical Fusion.The didgeridoo plays a leading role within the music. Key member Michael Cuming, one of Australia's finest composers and Didgeridoo players, has written a repertoire with a strong message of courage and the desire to cross boundaries in every possible way. With the addition of visual backdrops and Aboriginal Dance Theatre, they have received rave reviews on their tour's around the globe performing in major
theatres.Visions of a Nomad has been working in conjunction with Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal dance group.The group focusses strongly on the issue of reconciliation within the theatre show ARC dreaming, presented by Culturebank productions and is passionate about putting a message across through the means of strong, innovative performance.


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Visions of a Nomad in concert Australia

Visions of a Nomad @ the paintfactory Culture