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Visions of a Nomad plays an eclectic mix of World jazz Fusion and Classically influenced Music. 

The group's highly original repertoire is both, evocative and energetic , accompanied by the didgeridoo.
They like to make music with " substance",, covering all genres and drawing on all of the world's musical influences.

Internationally acclaimed, these Nomads has received rave reviews on their  tour's around the globe! From theatres, concert halls, festivals and the club scene, they have a repertoire to suit every occasion. These Aussie Nomads like to cross musical boundaries.


       Michael Cuming

      Composer, Arranger, Musician.
        Classical Harp, Harmonica's,Percussion


      Silvana van Dijk
      Drum kit,small percussion,conga's,concertina,vocals
      Juan Salvador

       Electric Guitar
     Julius Hofstetter


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Didgeridoo Fusion
Sound Track
Jazz Fusion
Flmenco-Latin Fusion
Jazz Fusion